Your super fund that’s controlled by you, for you and your retirement

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a super fund where you are a member of your own super fund. SMSF can give you greater control and autonomy over your super and retirement planning.

More than 1.125 million Australians have taken control of their retirement and invested over $747 billion in assets of their choice. It is flexible enough to allow you to invest in different assets like direct property, shares of your choice, private companies and international assets.

Rules and regulationsProperty and SMSFs

As a member of your own fund, investing in property can be a smart way to increase the value of your retirement savings and provide tax effective investment returns.

There are specific rules and regulations to consider before deciding whether to purchase a property through your SMSF.  Owning an investment property as part of your SMSF investment strategy can provide a number of benefits including;

  • Tax advantages
  • Potential growth
  • Diversification

These potential benefits need to be weighed up alongside the risks of owning an investment property as part of your SMSF. Some of these risks include liquidity risk, legislative risk, interest rate risk, property market risk.

Our SMSF specialists can assist you to establish more certainty if a property purchase is suitable for your SMSF as an investment option and investment strategy for your fund.

Advantages SMSFs have over retail and industry super funds

  • 1CHOICEYou choose what your super is invested in, and you have more options, like investment property. A traditional retail super fund tends to invest in default investments which may not suit your personal investment goals. You’ll be responsible for keeping track of the investments and making the right investment decisions for your SMSF and retirement objectives.
  • 2 CONTROLYou are in control of your SMSF’s investments and make the active decisions to grow wealth for your retirement. Transactions are directly done by you, which provides greater visibility of your SMSF’s investments and their performance at any time.
  • 3 COSTSCosts will depend on the investments and are based on what you choose to do. Your SMSF only pays for what it uses. This means you could reduce your super costs as opposed to those costs in a retail super fund.  that’s up to you. You’re the one in control of your costs.
  • 4 TAX ADVANTAGESWhile a traditional super fund aims to act tax effectively for all their members, your SMSF portfolio could offer more options for reducing tax. As opposed to those that are invested for you in a retail super environment.
  • 5 BENEFIT YOUR FAMILY AND BENEFICIARIESA SMSF provides more certainty about who will receive your benefit should you pass away. There is also the flexibility to direct how benefits are distributed to take into account the situation of the beneficiaries.

How we can help:

  • Free in-person or phone assessment with our team
  • Calculating retirement goals
  • Exploring retirement options and how they would work for you
  • Establishing your Self Managed Super Fund
  • Present investment options for you super
  • Mapping out investment strategies and financial solutions to hit your timeframe and superannuation goals

Administration of your Fund

Supernation Fund Administration Pty Ltd provides administration and accounting services that makes it easier for you to focus on what’s important by making the investment decisions for your retirement.

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